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Many consultants and friends regularly question me about the origin of my gift, on the great personalities I have helped across the world, on the spectacular predictions I have made...

Today I give in to their desire, though ordinarily I don't like talking a lot about myself. You know, I have particularly consecrated my life to helping others, trying to do all the good possible to those who deserve it.

My power was revealed at the age of 7

My parents were simple and loving people and I had an ordinary childhood till the age of 7. At that point, everything changed. One night - my parents often reminded me that it was on a 23th April - strange visions started streaming in my sleep; I wanted to wake up but I couldn't! It was as if my spirit was caught up in a torrent of "magnetic" information!

When I woke up, I wrote everything I had seen in my dream that night. It referred to long lists of figures and dates. My parents first of all took that for a caprice until they discovered that all these numbers, absolutely all of them were winning numbers in Lotto, or the Australian National Lottery at the time!

That is how my visions started. It is still true today; my most intense and most important predictions appear to me in my dreams: financial gains, love, court rulings and health.

Making others win money: my first predictions

While I was barely 20 years old, people used to consult me or send me help requests from across North America! I have made a good number of people in need to win money.* Amounts they would have never dreamed of having and that changed their lives (many wrote to me and still write to me, you can read their testimonies if you desire to).

My occultism apprenticeship in the Orient

By the time, and by consulting Great Masters in occultism in the Orient, I learned to control this faculty. My Masters taught me how to channel and use it: when I want to, I can enter in harmony with the Converging Magnetic Forces of the Universe.

That is the secret of my clairvoyance Gift. But most especially, it is the secret of my capacity to positively influence the lives of those who really need it. Some say "to change the course of things"...
For this reason, my peers conferred me the title of Medium 25 years ago already*. Only those who know how to receive and use the impulsions of astral energy can have access to this superior degree of Spiritualist Hierarchy.

I have helped big heads of State make difficult choices

Yes, I have been called for many years, sometimes in the middle of the night for urgent and serious consultations in different countries across the world; France, Italy, Britain, Russia, Japan, the United States and even in South Africa!

I have brought all my occult knowledge to the service of many heads of State. I have maintained regular meetings with a very small number of them. All of this remains absolutely confidential even though some are no longer at the head of their countries.

Today, I consecrate my gift to help the most deserving

A few years ago, I felt deep down in my soul that if such a gift has been given to me, it was to make the most deserving benefit from it; ordinary people who are continuously struggling without receiving the help they deserve.

Numerology, direct clairvoyance, interventions of white magic and mediumistic contacts for my close consultants: everyone can find help and comfort by my side.

This has brought so much light and joy to my existence; I receive so many messages of gratefulness and happiness! Now I know that it was the right path.

I thank all my consultants for their faithfulness, confidence and special thanks for the faith they have in their destiny.


Disclaimer: *the facts reported are not 100% unavoidable
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